In The Past

A small tribute to a few of our late companions. No words can describe how much they truly meant to those that their lives touched. Many have carried on a legacy through the puppies they produced. Here are a few with whom we have shared our lives … always for too short a time, but all have created lasting memories for us.

  • C Lethal Weapon
  • C R Jade
  • C Periwinkle
  • C FT Untouchable
  • C FT Sand Pebbles
  • FT Amazing Grace
  • C Oh Suzannah
  • W Becky Biggins
  • FT C Bewitched
  • FT C Intuition
  • FT C Bentley
  • C Only You
  • FT C Premonition
  • FT C Pretty Woman
  • FT C Promises